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Did you know that Sir Earl Toon is working with some of the most talented singers, rappers, songwriters, and producers currently available in the music industry? With his wealth of experience backing the production company, Sir Earl Toon has worked tirelessly to gather some of the very best minds in the world of music. Attracting the best was certainly no easy task, but as you can see, it has been accomplished by none other than Sir Earl.

Those premiere artists will have their own announcements to make right along with Sir Earl Toon, who has been quite busy with his upcoming charity event for “Give a Kid a Coat,” which is coming to Dallas, Texas in December in an effort to raise warm clothing for children who have none. This winter is going to be a cold one, even in Texas, and too many kids are left without warm jackets to survive through the frost. Sir Earl Toon is working to raise awareness and gather warm clothing for these kids before winter fully strikes the region.

So, if you want to remain up-to-date with everything happening on this side of the music world, all of his charity work, and even Sir Earl Toon himself, keep yourself tuned into the official website – specifically this portion focused on news and updates – for the latest and greatest. Surely there will be something that strikes your fancy and deserves to be shared with the world. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy music these days! Share some news and create a new Sir Earl Toon fan while raising awareness for charities!